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Individuals who buy, hold or sell crypto are casual or serious investors

Professional Traders

Crypto investors who spend more time and capital and may have a trading business

Business & Startups

Business entities using crypto for operations and investments must have a full accounting

"The simplest and most reliable
crypto tax software and calculator"

  • Supports 40+ exchanges and wallets
  • 3 cost basis methods
  • Free to use pay when you need a report
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"Koinly calculates your cryptocurrency taxes and helps you reduce them for next year. 

  • Supports 300+ exchanges and wallets
  • 4 cost basis methods
  • DeFi, margin trades and futures
  • Free to use pay when you need a report 


"The leader for cryptocurrency tracking
and tax reporting"

  • Portfolio dashboard
  • Supports 110+ exchanges and wallets
  • 12 cost basis methods
  • Supports almost 10,000 assets
  • 25 customizable reports


"Automatically calculates your crypto taxes and generates your crypto tax forms."

  • Supports 42+ exchanges and wallets
  • 3 cost basis methods
  • Margin trading and DeFi
  • Tax loss harvesting

"Easily file your bitcoin and crypto taxes for capital gains and income"

  • One of the original crypto tax platforms
  • Supports 30 exchanges and wallets
  • 5 cost basis methods
  • Track trading, income and spending

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